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Personal Growth

Connection over Coffee Call


30 min -1 hr | NO FEE

Let's get to know each other, get some clarity and answer some of your questions

Professional Organizer

1 Hour Virtual DIY Kickstart


1 hr | $97

You got this mostly on your own and you have carved out the time even to make this happen, yet you are in need of an experts advice on some decisions to move forward.

Rapid Flow Code


1 hr | $49

Think of this as finding a button in your brain that allows for you to rewire a new pathway of turning pain from that past, into WISDOM.

Adjusting Lenses


1 hr | $49

This process is like a camera, where we'll adjust the lighting, zoom in and out, and totally change out the lens if needed. Simply put, it's Goal setting on herbal tonics!

Holistic Clutter
Clearing RESET


3 hr | $397

Is your home or office feeling heavy, overwhelming & without LIFE! In this session I come in or support you virtually with organizing ideas, downsizing options, & support to clear the Clutter. Book below for more info…

VIP  Reboot

Bridge into the Woods

6 hr | $797

You and I will build a path together with a customized, bio-hacking, VIP day. Book below for more info…

Advanced Food Healer

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