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About me ...

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I am so excited you found me!

have been in the Health industry for over half of my life and Organizing since I was about  10, seriously LOL. Out of all the other trainings that I have taken, I get most excited about teaching people how to Clear Chaos.


I believe stability is found within by adjusting the lenses of the outside world. With Holistic Organization being the foundation and my skills the building blocks this has landed me more inside my clients homes than any other area. As a former Brick & Mortar owner of 17 years, I also have great enthusiasm for keeping large teams in flow by adapting systems that allow strong growth and compatibility in the workforce.

Advanced Food Healer

My Niche is working 1on1 with High Achievers & Health Influencers that either speak in-front, on stage, or have some kind of over-capacity challenge. They are usually feeling a constant heaviness with pressure and not enough time. They are yearning a constant state of flow that will support them in finding energy and motivation. 


I do this by offering hands on support at their events, through ZOOM (if on-site isn’t available), or inside a customized 90 day program. Part of that support is making sure they have the right foods nourishing their bodies, collaborating the practices of Feng Shui, Breathwork & Meditation to keep them grounded and focused, and lastly Dynamic Movement and Specialized Bodywork that unwinds the muscles and tension behind overwhelm and deadlines. These are implemented daily so they can be at their absolute best when they are at their HIGHEST demand times.


Seasonally, I have facilitated small intimate groups in a 2 day experience called, "Taste, Ascension of Vitality." These experiences were just that, a taste of my Rural, Sacred, four day Retreat nestled in the forest and unplugged. (Possibly to be held on our 19 acres sometime in the future) The four day, happens only 1 time a year usually in January. Currently, I am offer ongoing monthly Breath Empowerment classes via Zoom, semi-annual Medicinal food workshops and inspire others from my private facebook group called, The Alchemy of Organization. If you're curious about how we can work together, click the link below or go to the events page to see what is happening next on my calendar!


Let's chat and see if we're a match to work together…


Yours in TRUE discovery,

Julia Anderson

  • Medical Qigong Practice Instructor – Trained by Dr. Roger Jahnke

  • SSQC Advanced Food Healing Instructor

  • SSQC Strength Training Instructor

  • SSQC Level 2 Five Elements Qigong Instructor – Jeff Primack

  • Level 3 Thai Yoga Massage – Trained by Eric Spivack

  • Level 1 Reiki Practitioner - Trained by Cheryl Koenig

  • Vibrational Sound Facilitator - VSA Jeff Hampton

Certifications Continued
  • Personal Trainer certified by Apex, Ace, Johnny J Spinning, Billy Blanks Tae-bo, Body Pump, Senior Functional Movement

  • Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in injury and rehab with Kinesio taping, Manual therapy, CBD’s, & Cupping therapy.

  • Professional Organization Specialist – Certified by Clutterbug Cleaning & Organization Inc

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